Shaun Duvet is a pioneer for the South African youth market.  He has straddled the world of DJ, producer, club-owner, marketer and promoter for close on 15 years and feels, rightly so, that there is no-one else that understands the youth and what they want better than he.

He is still a rocking and in-demand DJ, playing packed sets around SA and Europe, as well as throwing legendary parties that never disappoint.  The who’s who of local musicians approach him first for remixes of #1 hits and when a brand needs to launch to the youth - they look to him first.

He’s at the top for a reason.

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Shaun Duvet Every Friday night on 5FM

All Night Long With Shaun Duvet coming soon.

Goldfish - We Come Together Remix out Soon

Black Magic Featuring Shaun Duvet Every Saturday @ St Yves

Brand new tour dates added

Anything Goes on top form!

Brand new Shaun Duvet and GUESS Clothing CD released soon!

5 X DMC champion DJ Craze coming out to South Africa with adidas and Anything Goes! Details coming soon!

Shaun Duvet launches new bar - YOLO, click here for details...


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